:the mezzanine: gallery space

The upstairs space of the Old Butter Factory : the mezzanine : has a reverence and luminosity that has to experienced to be truly understood. Taking a fresh approach to displaying fine art, the beautiful pared back walls of the space form a raw and earthy backdrop to the art. Stunning windows flood the space with natural light, its softness a beautiful compliment to the subject matter. The mesmerizing energy from downstairs sets the mood and provides the perfect entry point.   

Together with artist and curator, Michelle Bowden, Entangle – living art plays host to a handful of talented artists each month. Exhibitions are themed; art-works are carefully curated.

Artists inquiries can be made via the "contact us" page. Please provide links with examples of your work.

:the mezzanine: is open every day except Tuesdays; 10 – 4pm


Community - A group or population living and interacting with one another in a particular environment.
A natural community can be small and local, as in a pond or tree, or regional or global, as in a biome.
Or in the case of people a village, a city or a country....
It's the spirit of community that makes the difference.

An inspired collection of works by:

  • Randy DeGraw
  • Vicki Daniel
  • Keren Robert 
  • Lindy Rae
  • Casey Charles
  • Michelle Bowden



Beautiful works by artists:

  • Gayle Reichelt
  • John Chapman
  • Michelle Bowden
  • Dan Webb
  • Annie McIntosh


Origins - the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. 


  • Wendy Rix 
  • Luke Mancini
  • Lynette Tilt
  • Michelle Bowden
  • Deana Odeh
  • Gaye Tait


Earthy, solid, stable and unpretentious. 

  • Michelle Bowden 
  • Nola Atkins
  • Christina Milton


In the spirit of Spring, :the mezzanine: comes alive with images of beautiful flowers in full bloom. 

Cecilia Hine
Vonny K (Yvonne Kennedy)
Cecily Slade
Michelle Bowden
David Atkins


The ELEMENTAL exhibition show cased a mixture of mediums from a selection of artists:
Pertaining to the principles of nature - the physical and the intangible - relating to the four elements, earth, water, air, and fire.
Michael Cheshire
Chrissy Milton
Terina Smith
Michelle Bowden
Nola Atkins
Grace Cross